Trip to GOBI
Drive to Erdenedalay village. IT is a simple village of Dundgobi aimag for overnight.
Drive to Bayanzag where dinosaurs eggs and fossil were found.
Over night stay with a nomadic family’ s ger.
The Sand Dunes( Khongoriin els) is the largest sand dunes in Mongolia.
Camel riding is available. Over night stay with a nomadic family’ s ger.
Visit to Ice Valley-Yoliin am. Yoliin am (the translation is Vulture’s mounth) Is famous for its
spectacular scenery of icy narrow gorge, birds and wild animals in the middle of the Gobi Desert.
Drive to White mountain- White Stupas This is an area of 30m-high white limestone formations,
in the middle of nowhere.
Leave fo Baga gazrin chuluu- National Park, Dund gobi aimag.
Drive back to UB
Trip Price:
1 person: US $ 170 / day
2 persons: US $ 110 / day
3 persons: US $ 90 / day
4 persons: US $ 80 / day
5 or 6 persons: US $ 70 /day

This price all ?inclusive, driver and transport, sleeping in an authentic Mongolian ger, three meals a day ( B L D), road tax, park entrance fees and cook ( horhog Which is mongolain traditional food)
Camel riding is available for free of charge, for maximum 1 hour.
IF you need tour Guide 30 US $ a day this price between groupe.